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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Remembering Edgar

This big boy is named Edgar and he is a little larger than Kevin & Francis...combined.  This photo was taken in 2009 when I visited Edgar's Mission with my wife.  Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit farm sanctuary for rescued animals in Victoria and Edgar was their first resident.  It was my first encounter with a pig and it was a memorable experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed being helpers for the day.  Who would have thought picking up poo could be so much fun?  The animals were all incredibly friendly and trusting, despite the traumatic conditions that some of them would have come from.

Edgar died in 2010 but the wonderful work of the sanctuary continues in his name.  During that same year, approximately 4,500,000 pigs were killed in Australia.

Visit their website to find out more information and see how you can help.

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  1. Good on you Beau! Edgars Mission is a wonderful place, we visited in 2011 and our lovely little girl Ashara was captivated by HAMISH the pig and has been his best buddy ever since. The Best Buddy program allows you to sponsor one of the residents, it's a great gift to someone and of course to Edgars Mission. We really love it!

    Thanks again Beau for this wonderful idea of, dare i say, :"humanising" the lil piggies to enable folks to see that they are so much more than just food.
    Love from us