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Friday, 17 May 2013

Survey says...

A survey has been created for residents of the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage to ascertain who would like to purchase pork and what cuts they would prefer.

I felt that there was a question missing, so I have decided to host my own poll here on Piggy Predicament.  Whilst people will be given the choice of ribs, sausage, chops, tail, brain, heart (amongst others), there was no mention of which of the two pigs you would like to eat.  So, will you be eating Kevin, Francis, both or neither?  Please vote using the poll on the right of screen.

1 comment:

  1. 30+ years of 3 x meals a day consisting of meat is pretty difficult to break away from but I guess you would say that it's pretty hard to digest! Certainly being diassociated from the source makes it a lot easier to click 'both' in your survey and watching the videos certainly makes you aware of who Kevin & Francis are. I'll be curious to see if Aarod can go through with the coup de grace when the time comes assuming he has grown as attached as you